CHAIRS Chairs With Casters

WINTEX Office Chair Castors, 5 pieces, standard size 11 x 48cm, for hard, laminate, lino, wooden and tiled floors | 2 Year Satisfaction Guarantee | replacement swivel chair wheels, revolving chair casters, replaceable spare furniture roller wheels with an

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    eSpring GmbH
Product Features
  • <p>✯✯ STANDARD SIZE ✯✯ The diameter of the castors is 48mm and the diameter of the stud is 11mm - which makes these castors suitable for all common models of office chairs. Before placing your order, we recommend to measure the stud-opening of your office chair
  • <p>✯✯ CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ✯✯ The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. That is why we grant you a 2-year satisfaction guarantee. Test the WINTEX office chair castors completely without risk.
  • <p>✯✯ ADAPTIVE TO MOVEMENT ✯✯ The castors change their direction by themselves and adapt to your movements. They are especially well suited for hard floors.
  • <p>✯✯ GENTLE TO FLOORS ✯✯ The office chair castors are made from high quality plastics, to ensure easy and smooth rolling of your chair over the floor and which will not leave any marks on your floor. In case you have soft floors, we recommend to use a floor mat.
  • <p>✯✯ WINTEX : COLOUR YOUR OFFICE ✯✯ WINTEX is not just a brand for office supplies - WINTEX has much more to offer. The brand's goal is to always help you get organised, and more importantly to inspire you with handy product ideas. The brand's philosophy is to bring liveliness, joy and colour into your daily office-life.
Product Description
✯✯ WINTEX office chair castors ✯✯
Use the WINTEX office chair castors to ensure to slide with your office chair easily and pleasantly.

✯✯ Highlights ✯✯
The castors are adaptive to each of your movements and change directions by themselves
The office chair castors are made from high quality plastics; this means there will be no marks on your floor. On soft floors, especially hardwood floor and laminate, we recommend the use of a floor mat
Bonus-pack: 5 valuable office chair castors
Measurements: Diameter of castors: 48 mm; Diameter of stud: 11 mm; length of stud: 21 mm
Please note:
In order for you to be happy with the WINTEX office chair castors and to receive the right product for your needs, we advise you, before ordering, to measure the opening of the studs. The stud diameter of the WINTEX office chair castors is 11mm and the length of the stud is 21mm.
Not compatible with most office chairs from IKEA.
Customer satisfaction: You will receive a 2 years customer satisfaction guarantee because we believe in all our WINTEX products

✯✯ WINTEX: colour your office ✯✯
Especially when it is vital to work productively and to be organised, the right office supplies are of high importance. It is significant for WINTEX to support you in your everyday office-life, to make tasks easier and more efficient. For more creativity, inspiration, motivation and for a whole lot of fun and joy and your workplace.

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