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Baby Corner Guards (12 Pack), Soft Table Corner Protectors for your Child’s Safety Clear Silicone Edge Protection with Free 9 Pieces 3M Adhesives and 1 Rubber Door Stopper

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Baby Corner Guards (12 Pack), Soft Table Corner Protectors for your Child’s Safety Clear Silicone Edge Protection with Free 9 Pieces 3M Adhesives and 1 Rubber Door Stopper by Lesonic

  • PROTECTS CHILDREN: Cushions pointed edges of hard pieces of...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Whilst its main purpose is childproofing, it can be...
  • BONUS ITEM: Here's another catch! Included are 9 pieces 3M...

1L PURPLE Glass Drinking Water Bottle Large XL, BPA Free, Eco Friendly, Leak Proof, Reusable, Best, Dishwasher Safe, Easy Clean, Designer, Sports, Travel, Yoga, Gym, Cool Birthday Gifts 1 ltr 1L Car
1L PURPLE Glass Drinking Water Bottle Large XL, BPA Free, Eco Friendly, Leak Proof, Reusable, Best, Dishwasher Safe, Easy Clean, Designer, Sports, Travel, Yoga, Gym, Cool Birthday Gifts 1 ltr 1L Car by Kanrel

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Fanboy Rampage: John Byrne Vs. Dan Slott - Bleeding Cool News

So Dan Slott is relaunching Amazing Spider-Man in October with a Peter Parker solicited as an international tech-company whiz. And naturally everyone wanted to see what the John Byrne Forum had to say. Here are select examples from a longer conversation between Byrne, Slott and member of the form. We’ve used red marks to show quotation, for clarity. John Byrne: Slott, of course, expresses the all too common fannish position the Change Is Good. And a quick review of the last forty years or so shows us how well that has worked out. Dan Slott: To be fair, Mr. Byrne, didn’t a lot of your best runs of Marvel/DC Comics start with a premise of “Change is Good. The Hulk and Bruce Banner get separated. Namor uses the wealths of the oceans to become a major mogul. Superman’s origins from Krypton through Smallville through Metropolis get changed and over hauled. She-Hulk becomes a break-the-fourth-wall style of comedy book. And so on…. Reasonable comparisons, right. John Byrne:. •• Let’s take these one at a time, shall we. *** Technically, I could say the same thing about my last big run, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN with the Doc-Ock-mind-swap. And also at the start of any story that you’ve told where a major-status-quo-changing event happened. Imagine if we were having this conversation when your run of HULK was just starting and the premise had barely been released. Some of the assumptions you’re levying against this new run are about a book where no one’s even read one page from the interiors yet. For the past two and a half years this has been the best selling title set in the Marvel U. I think the team on the book has earned enough good will for people to give the first issue a go. *** In all of one issue when he was a movie mogul. But you took that, extrapolated on it, and produced some great comics. In that same vein, we’re taking something Stan & Steve did– having Peter come up with amazing, ground breaking inventions (like Spidey’s web-fluid, or the anti-magnetic inverter he used on the Vulture) and are extrapolating that to tell a new... *** I’d disagree. You did some phenomenal changes in that run. Especially your take on Clark’s life in Smallville. Things you did in your run WERE changes– and. Source:

30-Day Huracan: One Month with MT's New Lamborghini - Motor Trend

My dad always told me that if I shut up and work hard, I’ll be rewarded, and I’ve largely found that to be true. We at Motor Trend work long hours, stay up late to hit deadlines, and spend more time than we’d like on the road away from our loving families. The hard work pays off, though — after all, have you seen our recent long-termer. Yes, as followers of our social media feeds well know from the “#MTLambo” hashtag, we had a brand-new 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 in our possession for a full month for a short long-term test. A 30-Day Huracan, if you will. Considering Lamborghini was handing us the keys to a brand-new, $278,345 supercar for a month, the restrictions placed on us were surprisingly light: no performance testing (which we agreed could wait for Best Driver’s Car), and don’t put more... So what would we do with “our” Huracan. We’d daily drive it and treat it like every other long-termer we get by taking a kid to school in it, going snowboarding, camping, and more. And given it isn’t often we have the keys to a Lamborghini in our clutches for an extended period of time, we’d make sure to cycle it through as many of our staffers as possible. The following is how we spent our 30 days and near 5,000 miles with our Lamborghini Huracan. – Christian Seabaugh I hopped in the Huracan with a friend, and we set out eager to give the Lambo a good stretch of its legs before sitting in the parking lot that is the 405 freeway. I rounded the first corner and gave it a bit too much throttle, and the rear end got squirrely. Cold tires and 602 hp will do that. A little sawing with the steering wheel and I had it headed straight again, ready to behave. Driving through stop-and-go traffic on the 405 was a bit torturous, although I was a little throttle shy after that first pucker moment. I'm not used to having so much horsepower so immediately available under toe. After an hour in L. A. traffic, we pulled up to the ticket gate at Dodgers Stadium and got an immediate reaction from our gate attendant. "I'm sure you hear this all the time," he said to me as he leaned down to hand me my parking pass, "but this is a beautiful car. " I laughed. "Thank you. I've had it all of an hour, so you're the first person to say it. " He didn't quite believe me, but I had no time to explain. We had a game to get to, and it was fun to pretend I was a supercar owner for the evening. Source:

20 Things Every Paddler Needs To Know - CANOE & KAYAK

Field Tested: 4 Expedition-Worthy Crossover Kayaks. Words: Joe Jackson Photos: Aaron Schmidt The Wild and Scenic stretch of Oregon’s Lower Rogue could well be defined as a crossover river. Ambling miles of emerald Class II punctuated with whoop-worthy Class III (and the occasional Class IV drop) make it a perfect place for beginner whitewater boaters to cross into the intermediate range. This heavenly protected stretch made famous by the likes of author Zane Grey and Meryl Streep (a la The River Wild) also toes the line between rugged and luxurious. Deep in the canyon, outfitters such as Rogue Wilderness Adventures serve rib-eye steaks to clients reclining on inflatable couches. This dichotomous stretch of river was the perfect testing ground for a quiver of four crossover kayaks. Our group of C&K staffers and regular contributors spent three long summer days on the Rogue, evaluating how each of these boats would serve as a do (almost) everything river craft. Over these 34 low-stress miles we sprinted in flatwater, dropped the crossovers’ retractable skegs to drift, peeled in and out of every eddy, and left no riffle unsurfed. In the evenings, we compared notes over delicious local craft brew from Ninkasi. After we left the Wild and Scenic section, we. Full Story. How to Read Water. By Colin Kemp Becoming a well-rounded paddler requires learning a mix of hard skills (such as bracing, throw rope practice, strokes) and soft skills (such as reading water). All too often, however, the soft skills get left behind in today’s world of instant gratification. The stability and maneuverability of modern boats may have helped kayakers build hard skills, but the evolution of gear does not let you cheat the progression of the soft skills, which take time and practice. Learning to read water is just like learning to speak a new language. Not only do you need to be able to say the words, but also you need to understand what the other person is saying to have a good conversation. If you make time to develop the three ‘Ps’ of reading water, you will continue to build your vocabulary and be a better boater for it. Practice. You will never learn to read water if you don’t stop, get out of your boat, and scout a rapid. Even if it is a rapid you’ve run dozens of times before but have never scouted, you may be amazed by what you find. Hone the soft skill of anticipating how various currents. Full Story. Source:

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  • Fanboy Rampage: John Byrne Vs. Dan Slott

    07/02/15 ,via Bleeding Cool News

    I know there's a tendency to always want to paint him as that eternal high school loser figure, but too much doom and gloom can get really wearying after a while. This sounds .. Michael Penn: But Mr. Slott, when you ask “why tell any story,” that

  • 30-Day Huracan: One Month with MT's New Lamborghini

    06/16/15 ,via Motor Trend

    I guess working in the biz for an eternity (all of six months) has me jaded, and I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be with . That was not one of those days. One guy yelled "I f***ing love my job!" Just to be .. We fit food and a small

  • 20 Things Every Paddler Needs To Know

    05/13/15 ,via CANOE & KAYAK

    First off, the eternal question: Should everyone meet at the put-in and then shuttle a car or cars down to the takeout, or just meet at the takeout and pile everyone and everything into one put-in rig? The solution will depend on seat space, rack room

  • John F. Burns Answers Readers' Questions on Experiencing History

    04/03/15 ,via New York Times

    The essentials of that, for me, have never changed. The United States, in partnership with Britain, my own country, and with other nations of the Western alliance, remains indispensable to such stability that there is in the world. It is enough to ask

  • Inspiration and Wisdom From Greece With the Challenge of ALS

    06/03/15 ,via Huffington Post

    And my belief in the eternal life gives me the courage to endure the difficulties I face today. Prayer allows me to Exceptional caregivers: My brother monks are not trained nurses; however, they have learned all the essentials of caring for a

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  • My son’s school is keeping the spirit of Dotheboys Hall alive

    07/17/15 ,via The Independent

    Thanks to an early Easter, this term seems to have gone on for an eternity, with its plethora of exams ... This is before, of course, they are bodily strapped into chairs to catch up on their Summer Reading Course (in which they are supposed to read ...

  • WWE: The Top 5 Hell in a Cell Matches in History

    09/28/11 ,via Bleacher Report

    We've heard the sickening sound of steel on bone, witnessed the impact of a body flying off the top of the cell—eventually splattering after a seeming eternity ... only the bare essentials. After 30 minutes of unremitting intensity from both sides ...

  • Kundalini (serpent power) & Satan's servants of error and deception in America

    02/23/14 ,via RenewAmerica

    On behalf of what Satan's contemporary ministers term 'rational' and 'scientific' they sweep away the essentials of the faith necessary ... the MBTI," by Rev. Ed Hird, past National Chair of Anglican Renewal Ministries of Canada: ...

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PhenylAde Essential Drink Mix ( PHENYLADE ORANGE CREAM 1LB )( 1 Case ...

PhenylAde Essential Drink Mix ( PHENYLADE ORANGE CREAM 1LB )( 1 Case ...