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Village of Farnham receives FEMA funds - Hamburg Sun

FARNHAM The Village of Farnham has received over $15,000 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA for short, to cover damages incurred during last Novembers historic snow storm. The check, which totals $15,163. 53, reimburses the town for a pair of projects, the standby and snow removal during the actual Snowvember storm itself and sidewalk repair. Councilman Vincent Rovnak, who spearheaded the villages dealing with FEMA, made the announcement, explaining that this check is only 75 percent of what the village initially submitted for. We received a check in the mail from FEMA and the total dollar amount for both projects is $15,163. 53, Rovnak said. The bulk of this amount if for sidewalk repair. for 25 slabs of sidewalk and the erosion on Church Street. This is our 75 percent of the $4,000 and $15,000 we submitted to FEMA. Its kind of strange too because the check actually says the state of New York. So when it came in the mail I know there was a little confusion. At the top of the check it says Division of Homeland Security, so apparently FEMA funneled the funds through the state. Rovnak was thanked by the rest of the town board and even received a number of thanks from those in attendance at the meeting. The board explained that the village will have to prove the expenditures to FEMA, so they will have to save receipts and hours worked on each project. We have to keep all of the documentation, Rovnak added. The discussion then turned to where and how these monies are deposited and turned their attorney, James Shaw, who suggested their deposit the funds into the General Fund for subsequent allocation, then transfer funds to other accounts as necessary. In other board news:. The village is looking for interested parties to join the Village Planning Board. You must be a village resident to be considered. Those interested can contact the village hall. $20,195, to come out of the DPW Equipment Reserve account, was approved to purchase a new tractor and trade in their current machine. The purchase is subject to a 30-day permissive referendum. Trustee Rovnak was named Deputy Mayor for 2015-16. The village selects their Deputy Mayor on a rotation basis. 96 was approved for the purchase of 100 new chairs, 2 chair trucks, 6 feet and 8 feet, and shipping from Bizchair. Half of the purchase, $1,043. 98 will come. Source:

The Chair Man of the Board -

Like so many successful entrepreneurs, Sean Belnick came up with his great big idea after watching what other companies were doing wrong. The only difference is, in his case, this eureka moment happened to come at the age of 14. While hanging around his stepfather's office at a furniture manufacturer, Belnick noticed something interesting. Retail furniture stores would call Belnick's stepdad to place an order, which was then shipped directly to the customer. Why not save customers a trip to the store -- and the headache of dealing with high-pressure furniture salesmen -- by creating an online marketplace for office chairs. And thus, BizChair. com was born. Belnick, who had already cut his entrepreneurial teeth building websites and selling Pokemon cards on eBay, started his direct-shipping company using a Yahoo store account to facilitate the transport of his stepdad's furniture orders to customers. The idea required virtually no start-up cash. "That's the beauty of the direct shipping thing -- there really was no funding needed," says Belnick, now 20. "I basically took $500 in advertising, and it snowballed from there. Originally, Belnick launched the company from his bedroom with an inventory of 50 to 100 products. Six years later, BizChair. com has 75 employees and sells more than 25,000 products from some 200 manufacturers. That $500 investment turned into $24 million in revenue last year. The company has expanded beyond the direct-shipping model to stocking many of the products it sells in a newly opened 327,000-square-foot warehouse in Canton, Ga. In addition to office furniture, the site now offers home furniture, school... Most items sell below list and are shipped for free -- made possible, in part, because the company doesn't have to operate brick-and-mortar stores. As the top result in a Google search for "office chair," BizChair. com has attracted a wide -- and indeed, high-profile -- customer base. "We sell to your next-door neighbors, we sell to businesses, we sell to the Pentagon," Belnick says. Other notable clients include Fox's American Idol , Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), and yes, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG). When he's not in the CEO's chair (pun intended, of course), Belnick studies business at Emory University, where he is entering his junior year. Although his schoolwork keeps him from maintaining the kind of hands-on role he prefers, during the academic year. Source:

Teen Talk: Keeping Tweens Busy this Summer - WTXL ABC 27

With two plus months free from school parents can be mindful of the fact that this is a wonderful time for exploration and creativity but there are also summertime perils. For example, the National Summer Learning Association reports that kids lose significant ground academically when they are not engaged in summertime educational activities. We know historically that summertime for teens can be fraught with real hazards, drugs and alcohol or certainly risk taking behaviors can begin during this time so parents, if you make the decision to allow your kids to stay home, here are some... Start with fundamentals. This is a time to continue healthy habits. While the first two weeks are a wonderful time of sleeping in, after the two weeks are over it’s time to start with good health habits. Have the conversation regarding sleep times, wake up times and structure for the summer. It is important to know that kids gain weight two to three times faster during the summer months and this is because of inactivity and poor food choices. So when you have the conversation let’s talk about a summer designed to work on nutrition. If indeed your teen has struggled with weight issues, this is a time to learn about nutrition and even to do your own course work on what is healthy for you and what can prove to be long term changes that are kick started in the summertime. Typically during the school year, mornings are hectic. Breakfast is as quick as it can be. Take advantage of this freedom and encourage your kids to learn how to cook and make the first meal of the day a culinary experience for which they are responsible for. Have them go online and ask for different ideas, set the table, use the good china, expose your kids to different kinds of options and even if they prepare pizza for breakfast, slow food breakfasts are certainly a way to establish structure and... Reorganize the pantry in a way that allows parents to know what’s in there. Sometimes we can have tweens document how many pounds of sugar or just an inventory of things in the pantry. Too many times there are outdated foods that need to be looked at or reviewed. This is a wonderful experience for teens and again shows a sense of accomplishment. Keeping busy is vital during the summertime for idle teens. Remember, even though your aunt may be living here, you’re lucky. Source:

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    Why not save customers a trip to the store -- and the headache of dealing with high-pressure furniture salesmen -- by creating an online marketplace for office chairs? And thus, was born. Belnick, who had already cut his entrepreneurial

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